Woolsey Fire


If you have suffered property damage from the Woolsey Fire and had active insurance at the time of the fire, then now is the time to start gathering documents to support your property damage claim. The most important tip is to timely file your claim with your insurance company, which means NOW.

1. File Your Claim With Your Insurance Company

Insurance companies want to know right away when their insured have suffered property damage. Delays in filing a claim could result in a denial of coverage. Also, being uncooperative with insurance can result in denial in coverage. It is imperative that if you have suffered a property damage claim, that you contact your insurance company right away and press your insurance company to act on it.

2. Gather Documentation Likely Needed

Here is a small list of documentation you may need to get you started: 1) A list of everything that you lost, 2) Photographs and videos of the damage, 3) Any documentation evidencing the damage, 4) Proof of ownership of the property, 5) Appraisals of the property, 6) Any police report concerning the property damage, 7) Any other proof of damage to the property, 8) All receipts of everything purchased in connection with the property damage

3. Keep Paying Your Insurance Premiums

Do not let your insurance lapse. You do not want to risk any adverse effect of stopping payment to your insurance.

4. Do Not Worry About Your Insurance Dropping You

If you file a claim with your insurance, they may decide to drop you as a client. But this is why you have insurance, to cover your property damage claim. If your property damage claim is severe, tap into your insurance.

5. Call Us to Help You

We are experienced consumer attorneys. We know the tricks that insurance companies love playing with their insured in trying times. Don’t trust your insurance company to do the right thing. Call us at 818-888-9171.

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