Woman Killed in Bellflower Hit-and-Run

Woman Killed in Hit and RunThe mother of two young children was killed Sunday night in what police investigators have determined to be a hit-and-run collision. As reported by KTLA, the accident occurred just before 10pm near the intersection of Lakewood Boulevard and Los Angeles Street in Bellflower. The victim was reportedly crossing the four-lane highway to go to a convenience store when she was struck. Police were unable to determine if the 30-year-old victim had used the crosswalk or was in another section of the road. The driver was seen driving southbound following the collision, in a dark colored Nissan with significant damage to the front of the car. First responders arriving on the scene attempted to revive the young woman, before transporting her to a hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The victim leaves behind children ages 2 and 9. Authorities at the Sheriff’s Department Lakewood Station Traffic Detail are requesting any witnesses to the crime, or the driver themselves, to come forward.

Many streets and boulevards in Los Angeles give drivers substantial room to pick up speed, with Lakewood Boulevard being no exception. However, anyone in a motor vehicle that causes an accident, regardless if they were speeding or obeying every traffic law, is required by law to stop and provide assistance to the victim. Failing to do so is classified as a hit-and-run, which is a punishable offense in the state of California. Additionally, surviving family members and victims have the right to pursue a civil suit in order to recoup damages sustained in the accident.

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