What to Do If You Are in a Car Accident

1. Get the Contact Information of All Those Involved In the Accident

Get the name, address, telephone number, email address of all those involved in the car accident. Also, get the year, make and model of the car. Be sure to write down the license plate number, their insurance carrier and insurance policy number. Also write down the name and contact information of the registered owner of the vehicle.

2. Take Pictures

Using your mobile phone or camera if you have one, take pictures of the damage done to your vehicle, the accident location, how the accident occurred, as well as the people that were involved in the accident.

3. Get the Contact Information of Witnesses and Police

If there are witnesses, get their contact information, including their name and telephone number. If there is police at the scene, ask them for their name, badge number, phone number, as well as the police report.

4. Seek Medical Attention Right Away

Seek medical attention right away even if you don’t feel pain. This is because injuries can manifest later on. Defense attorneys will often say that the injuries couldn’t have been so serious since the injured didn’t seek medical attention right away.

5. Call Kahn Roven

Insurance companies are notorious for low-balling a person’s claim for medical bills and pain and suffering. Oftentimes, a person needs the help of an attorney without knowing it, but decide to get the help of an attorney when it’s too late. Call the Woodland Hills car accident lawyers of Kahn Roven at (818) 888-9171 now. Don’t delay, call today!

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