The Real Victims of Ashley Madison?

Ashley Madison DivorcesYes, we all know that the data release of the Ashley Madison website could lead to many divorces. But what about those people who had their private information compromised?

Ashley Madison is a website geared towards having extra-marital affairs. Terrible. The first sentence of their privacy policy states:

Avid Dating Life Inc. (“we,” “us” or “Ashley Madison”) is firmly committed to privacy.

The question is: what, if any, liability does Ashley Madison have because their data breach exposed millions of people who expected privacy.

Immoral as their behavior is, these unfaithful spouses had a reasonable expectation of privacy when it came to giving their information to the website. If Ashley Madison had substandard security when it came to protecting user data, then they could be exposed to major liability.

This is what’s likely to happen: Ashley Madison gets sued for negligence for their alleged failure to maintain an adequate data security protocol. Experts from many fields would likely need to be used in this type of case, including security breach experts. A huge case drags on for years.

A similar incident happened last year with Sony because of the movie The Interview, which targeted North Korean leader Kim Jung Un. Hackers leaked Sony’s internal emails, employee records and several unreleased Sony movies. Sony’s data security breach exposes them to major liability. A lawsuit involving the hack states that Sony breached its duty by “failing to design and implement appropriate firewalls and computer systems, failing to properly and adequately encrypt data, losing control of and failing to timely re-gain control over Sony Network’s cryptographic keys, and improperly storing and retaining Plaintiffs’ and the other Class members’ [information] on its inadequately protected network.”

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