The Personal Injury Lawyer’s Method to a Safe Halloween


We’ve all heard the Halloween horror stories. But the scariest of all is when the main characters of those stories are you or a loved one. Follow these few tips to reduce the risk of making your own Halloween story.

1. Carry a Flashlight

Trick or treating with kids? It can get pretty dark, especially in areas that don’t have street lighting. Watch where you are walking because people may put out Halloween decorations on the ground (like those little goblins), which can lead to a nasty slip and fall.

2. Don’t Drink and Drive

This is a simple one and too often broken. Not only could this result in a serious injury, but the at-fault party could get hit with a civil lawsuit as well for the negligent car accident. In these actions, attorney’s fees may be recoverable as well.

3. Don’t Leave Candles Lit

People are running around, kids running in costumes, this is a recipe for disaster. With candles easily tipped over and kids wearing flammable costumes, you are better off using battery-powered candles in celebration of the spooky night. If you must, then put the candles where they wont cause any premises liability.

We hope that you have a fun and safe Halloween.

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