Outwitting Insurance Companies at their Own Game!

In a personal injury case, the guilty person’s attorney or insurance company will have a bag of tricks for avoiding paying the claim. Fall prey to their ploys or arm yourself – the choice is yours!

There is good reason to have an accident attorney in Los Angeles, California representing your interests in a personal injury claim. One of the prime ways in which a specialized lawyer can help you is by preventing the defendant, their attorneys, or insurance company from using unfair tactics to win the case and disallow your claim.

accident attorney in Los AngelesIndeed, there are numerous underhand tactics that adjusters and attorneys regularly use to avoid paying the claim that the plaintiffs justly deserve. They may don a friendly and helpful act immediately after the accident and convince you to trust them and accept the quick (but low) settlement they offer. By playing nice, they may also persuade you to provide a written statement, sign a general medical authorization or even agree to a full release. While they are at it, they may vociferously advise that you are better off not hiring a personal injury lawyer.

Sometimes, the opposing party’s representatives may even use blatant threats, deny the claim, dispute the bills, misrepresent the amount of insurance coverage available, or use other delaying tactics to keep you from getting the rightful compensation.

Alone and unarmed, you will most likely end up feeling intimidated by the insurance company. Backed in a corner and cowed down by the pressure, you may feel you have no choice but to accept the lowly settlement or even give it up altogether.

On the other hand, if you contact a skilled and reputed accident attorney in Los Angeles, California – like KahnRoven LLP (www.kahnroven.com) – they will be well aware of the myriad tricks employed by insurance adjusters. Not only are they well-equipped to tackle the devious attempts, but the very fact that you hired a personal injury lawyer will make the insurance company more likely to settle in a quick and straightforward manner.