Accepting An Initial Offer Can Go Wrong

Do not thank your luck when you get a ‘good’ offer from the defendant or their insurance company. It could be an underhand ploy to get away with paying a low compensation and you have no way out later on.

An accident or injury entitles you to claim financial compensation from the person at fault. This is called a personal injury claim. You will file a case and negotiate the damages with the other party or their insurance company.

Beware if the defendant’s attorney claims to name a ‘reasonable’ amount or the insurance company offers an ‘enticing’ sum upfront. In fact, you may even be coerced to accept the compensation or warned that there will be no further negotiations if you decline the payment. This may take place while you are wounded or still in hospital.

Personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles, California are well-versed with these tactics and always advice their clients never to settle right away!

The attorney is right!

personal injury lawyers in Los AngelesAre you sure you are aware of the full extent of the injuries? What if other effects of the accident or injury come to light later? What if the recovery takes longer than expected and you are incapacitated for an extended period of time? Do you think the initial settlement offer will be enough to cover your medical treatment, hospital bills and other costs, let alone the lost income and emotional suffering due to the injuries? Are you aware that you will not have any further recourse once you accept the settlement?

You need to allow yourself sufficient time to take full stock of the situation before taking any decision about accepting the settlement. The opposing attorney or insurance company will obviously require you to sign a release in exchange for the settlement. This waives your legal right for further compensation even if your condition worsens or further injuries surface later. You are left ruing the fact that you were misled by the insurance company or that you accepted the initial offer in a hurry.

This is why you should consult expert personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles, California at the outset itself and never accept any offer without running it by them.