Don’t Settle Your Injury Claim Too Quickly

Insurance companies make quick settlement offers only when they are trying to get off the hook with a cheap payoff. Do not accept an initial offer without consulting a personal injury attorney.

When you have been injured in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, it is your legal right to file a personal injury claim and recover damages from the person at-fault. However, the insurance companies are known to try their best to stall the case and delay the proceedings as much as possible.

personal injury law firm

You are sure you don’t need a personal injury law firm Los Angeles, California and can handle the case on your own. You are even prepared for a lengthy and tedious game of offers and counteroffers….

Now what if the insurance company takes the wind out of your sails by offering a quick settlement? You may be quite taken aback at your good fortune and eager to accept the offer. In case you happen to hesitate a bit, they may threaten you with calling off any payments in the future or even frighten you with the deadlines and limitations.

What if someone told you that this is a very common tactic used by insurance companies to get out of a potentially large settlement? What if your injuries require further medical treatment than the initial diagnosis? What if certain symptoms are discovered later and involve prolonged treatment or surgeries?

Indeed, the prudent approach is to hire an accident attorney who can professionally appraise the financial value of the case and handle the negotiations accordingly.

You can even consult an established personal injury law firm Los Angeles, California like Kahn Roven, LLP ( after you get the offer from the insurance company. The attorneys will warn you that once you accept the offer, the at-fault party is completely absolved of the claim and there is no way you can demand anything more for your treatment. They may advise you to wait till you have completely recovered your health and also inform you about the time you have available for making the final claim.