Personal Injury Attorneys That Actually Listen!

Most personal injury attorneys are only concerned about settling cases or going to trial. How many take the time to really listen to what the client has to say or even bother about their needs?

What happens when you usually file a personal injury claim for a car accident, dog bite, nursing home neglect, police brutality, employer harassment or other malpractice? The personal injury law firm in Los Angeles, California will file your claim and try to get the maximum settlement or even go to trial.

While the attorneys work diligently to get you the best outcome, it becomes just one case out of many others on their roster! You don’t feel a personal connect or understanding at all.

Hit and Run Accident

However, this is not the case when you come to Kahn Roven, LLP. Our attorneys make it a point to actually listen to the client! The first priority is to understand where you are coming from…..what you feel and what you need! They will ask detailed questions to understand your unique predicament and how you have been injured, wronged, betrayed, taken advantage of, etc. They can, therefore, empathize with your pain, suffering, distress, grief or other loss. Your problem becomes their problem and yet, they pay careful attention to your opinion and stance so that they can handle the proceedings accordingly.

You will soon realize that your attorney really cares about what you are going through and how it is affecting your daily life. They are truly vested in your well-being and will work passionately to get you the most favorable outcome. You will automatically trust them to do the best by you and keep your needs in consideration while negotiating the case.

You can also be assured that the personal injury law firm in Los Angeles, California is well-versed with all facets of personal injury and malpractice laws. The team has handled numerous cases involving auto accidents, slip and fall, wrongful death, legal malpractice, medical malpractice, etc.

The skills, experience and dedication will all be geared towards garnering a quick and successful resolution.

5 Facts Your Personal Injury Attorney will Like to Discuss With You

Kahn RovenA personal injury attorney is present when you need them, and will protect your legal interests. They will make sure you receive adequate compensation for your distress and injury, and that you’re not taken advantage of in negotiations. However, your attorney will only succeed if they have accurate facts regarding the case and know everything you know about the accident. At Kahn Roven, LLP, we believe that lawyers and clients should communicate openly during the case. Here are 5 facts they’ll discuss with you to understand your position.

  1. The extent of your injuries

That’s the first thing they’ll discuss because the extent of your injuries determine the extent of the compensation. Your compensation will be low if you’ve suffered minor injuries and distress. The compensation will be higher if you’ve suffered life-threatening or life-altering injuries. For example, if you’re unable to work after your accident, you will require higher compensation to be financially stable.

  1. The accident in detail

The attorney will want to know the details of the accident to understand what happened and how. It’s a good idea to write everything down before the first meeting with your attorney so you don’t waste time during your free consultation.

  1. Any witnesses at the scene

The attorney just can’t rely on your account; they need to gather evidence to support what you say. You can help them get that evidence by pointing out any witnesses and showing them any pictures you might have taken of the incident. The evidence and witnesses will help your attorney build a compelling case against you.

  1. Discuss the possibility of liability

Your lawyer will want to know if you were in any way liable for the accident. It’s important to be completely honest with your personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles on the matter. If you feel you might be liable for the accident, let them know so they can prepare a good defense strategy.

  1. Communication

Most personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles will discuss communications strategy with you so you can get in touch with them quickly if you have new information. Don’t hesitate to contact them if you have information that will help your case.

If you need immediate legal assistance, don’t hesitate to call us at 844 9 INJURED. You can also get in touch with us at Kahn Roven, LLP through our contact us form or on 818-888-9171.