General Principles of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice claims can get quite ambiguous. Your case will fall short unless you can prove a professional duty, breach of that duty, injury caused by the breach and resulting damages.

medical malpractice

It is the duty of hospitals, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to use their knowledge and skills to extend the best treatment to the patients. However, they may unwittingly commit or omit some actions that keep you from improving or even end up worsening your condition. This negligence could be in the diagnosis, medication, treatment or aftercare.

In such cases, you have the legal right to claim financial compensation. Unfortunately, medical malpractice law is very complicated and it is better to have medical malpractice lawyers in Los Angeles, California representing your interests.

For instance, it is not enough if you are harmed due to the carelessness of a doctor or hospital. Or if a wrong diagnosis by a physician causes a worsening in your health per se. There are certain basic requirements that dictate whether a case can qualify as a medical malpractice suit or not.

  • You should have a professional consultation with the doctor in question and they should be directly responsible for your treatment. An erroneous medical opinion given in a social setting does not amount to medical malpractice. Negligence by a consulting physician is also debatable.
  • There are certain medical standards that every healthcare professional should provide. Simply being dissatisfied with the treatment is not a valid claim. Establishing a clear violation of the standards of care is imperative.
  • Even a clear case of medical negligence is not considered valid until and unless it results in a direct harm or injury to your person. You have to prove a detrimental effect or complication resulting from the substandard care.
  • The subsequent damages are not limited to pain or disability alone. It can be ensuing hardships, suffering or loss of income too. However, they should be significant and quantifiable.

Therefore, skilled and experienced medical malpractice lawyers in Los Angeles, California can evaluate the credentials of your case and help you prove a legally valid claim.

Why You Need An Employment Lawyer?

You should not allow the employer to take advantage of you. Nor can you rush to sue the company only to regret the action later. Consulting a qualified employment attorney is your best bet in such situations.

We spend more than half of our waking day at work. While we do our job, a simple expectation is to be treated fairly and respectfully. Alas, this does not always happen!

employment attorney in Los Angeles

Workplaces are full of stories of undue harassment, discrimination and even wrongful terminations. Someone may be disciplined for whistle blowing while some others may face retaliation on a workplace injury claim.
However, taking legal action against an employer is fraught with risks. The best employment attorney in Los Angeles, California can help you assess the case before you step on anyone’s toes. Kahn Roven – the top personal injury and medical malpractice lawyers in Los Angeles, California also offer skilled representation in employment law matters.

Why so?

It often happens that an employee feels that the employer has broken the contract, violated your rights or indulged in other wrongdoings. However, blindly filing a case against the employer can come back to haunt you. What if you don’t have a valid or legal case and end up facing retribution or even lose the job for it?

Therefore, it makes sense to first discuss the termination, retaliation or other mistreatment with an employment attorney. Your counsel will assess the complete situation vis-à-vis the applicable employment laws to judge whether you have a valid legal case or not. They will also advise you on the kind of outcomes you can expect so that you can decide whether suing the employer makes sense or not.

Moreover, established attorneys like Kahn Roven ( offer a free consultation apart from working on a contingency basis. So you can easily discuss your issues without being charged a cent. Even if you wish to pursue the matter, the ‘No Win No Fee’ motto comes into play. You don’t have to pay any fees until the lawyers manage to reach a settlement or verdict in your claim.