Never Handle a Car Accident Claim Personally in California

Car accidents are almost always complicated legal issues that require the knowledge and experience of a legal professional who understands how to identify negligent actors and pursue them for maximum damages for their clients. Many times the actual insurance company required to provide coverage is the injured victim’s company when they have personal injury protection included on the policy. The same predicament can occur when they carry uninsured and under-insured coverage as well. And, it is never good to be in an adversarial situation with your own insurance company without experienced legal counsel.

California as an “At Fault” State,

While several states use “no fault” insurance formats in settling auto accidents, California is not among those states. Injured accident victims could very well have personal coverage on their policy that is effective immediately while still having legal standing to pursue other negligent parties. Fault is not an issue on a personal insurance protection filing, as this the usual purpose for carrying PIP or uninsured and under-insured coverage when the “at fault” driver is driving non-compliant to state law for auto insurance. In addition, state minimums are very low and rarely adequate. Pursuing damages from a negligent driver can often be a long and frustrating experience, and having a solid and aggressive accident attorney can make a major difference in the overall outcome of an accident injury claim.

Understanding Comparative Negligence in California

Comparative negligence law is the simple idea that all accidents are not obvious with respect to who actually caused the crash. Many times it was the result of negligent acts by several parties. In addition, when those crashes include commercial vehicles, the potential for multiple insurance company involvement is present as well, as each party to the accident will be defending against a claim. One of the primary methods insurance company claims adjusters use is attempting to increase the comparative negligence percentage of injured plaintiffs. This percentage assignment is then used to discount the total amount of damages an injured plaintiff can receive from respondent insurance companies. California uses pure comparative fault law, which means that all drivers who are found 100% at fault will receive some level of personal injury damages when they result, and reducing claims values in general is typical of auto insurance providers.

When anyone in California is in need of a car accident lawyer Los Angeles is clearly the place to begin searching. Los Angeles sees more accidents than practically any other region, and there is an excellent array of auto accident attorneys available for injured victims.