What to Do When Involved in An Accident?

A road accident can damage the vehicles and also injure the occupants. There are certain steps you should follow immediately after the accident to protect your rights and get the best outcome.

What is the first instinct when a person is involved in a fender bender? Some may confront the other driver, some call 911, some go to a doctor and some smart ones consider filing a personal injury claim.

Come to think of it, everything is essential and that too in the right order!

In fact, auto accidents attorney in Los Angeles, California always recommend that everyone should make it a point to record some essential information following an accident.

  • The most important thing to do following an accident is to note down the name, address, contact information, driver’s license number and insurance company details of the person at fault. Nothing much can be done without this information.
  • Don’t forget to call the police. This is imperative even if nobody seems to be injured initially. The police will record details such as date, time and location of the accident, damage to the vehicles, eyewitness statements, etc. The police report comes in handy in case the claim is disputed later on.
  • Before the police arrive on the scene, start taking pictures of the scene of the accident, including both the vehicles, and also jot down the contact details of eyewitnesses, if any.
  • It is equally important to get a medical examination by the emergency services on the scene or visit a healthcare professional immediately after the accident. This will serve as a record should any serious or permanent injuries manifest later and lead to expensive medical treatment.
  • Last but not the least; it is essential to notify the insurance provider and consider the extent of medical coverage available.
  • Consulting an auto accidents attorney in Los Angeles, California is considered vital as a professional can evaluate the circumstances of the case and advise whether it is feasible to pursue the matter and file a personal injury claim or not.