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Swimming Pool Injuries & Drowning Accidents

swimming pool injury At Kahn Roven, LLP, our experienced firm has protected the rights of accident victims and their families for over 30 years. We regularly achieve verdicts and settlements amounting to hundreds of thousands, sometimes even millions of dollars. With our guidance, you may obtain compensation for the following damages:

  • Medical and funeral expenses
  • Lost earnings during recovery
  • Pain and suffering
  • And more!

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What Are the Statistics on Swimming Accidents in California?

Swimming is a healthy, fun-filled activity that many children enjoy, especially in the sunny state of California. However, the activity can be dangerous, as can be seen in the facts and figures below:

  • Drowning is one of the leading cause of death for infants and young children between the ages of 1-4.
  • Swimming pools are 14 times more likely to cause the death of a child than an automobile.
  • 75 percent of young children who drown are left unsupervised for only five minutes or less.
  • For every child who dies in a drowning accident, four more are treated for non-fatal submersion injuries.

These statistics show exactly why constant adult supervision is absolutely necessary when children are swimming or are near a swimming pool.

Who Has Liability in a Los Angeles Swimming Pool Accident?

Property owners are legally responsible for maintaining reasonably safe conditions for all guests on their property. If their property includes a swimming pool, they must establish adequate safety measures to prevent drowning accidents. This may include installing barriers, hiring a lifeguard, restricting children from entering areas with high depth, etc. A pool owner may be held liable for any injuries or fatalities that result from their failure to maintain safe conditions.

The right to seek damages after a swimming pool accident is generally not extended to trespassers. However, if a pool owner is aware that there are frequent trespassers on his/her property, yet hasn’t taken adequate safety measures to ensure that they do not get hurt, then s/he may be liable for any resulting injuries or fatalities.

Let Us Help You Recover

After a swimming accident has caused you considerable personal and financial losses, you may be wondering if pursuing legal action is worth the time and effort. It may not solve everything, but it can help mitigate damages significantly. Also, you may find it easier to heal once justice has been brought against the liable party. To get started on your injury or wrongful death claim and on the path to recovery, contact Kahn Roven, LLP today.

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