Los Angeles SUV Driver Injures 8 People in Violent Collision

Los Angeles SUV accidentFour people were left in critical condition following a car accident in West Los Angeles this weekend. ABC 7 reports that the collision occurred mid-Sunday afternoon near the 11200 block of Santa Monica Boulevard, near the Sawtelle area. Around 2:15p.m. a man driving a black Mercedes-Benz SUV ran through an intersection as he exited the 405 Freeway, colliding with a silver SUV.

The two vehicles were sent into a spin, which ended up hitting two pedestrians. In total 8 people were injured in the accident, four of which – including the two pedestrians – were left with life-threatening injuries. Two children and a man in his early 30s were listed in good to fair condition, according to police.

A witness who lived nearby heard the collision and said the driver of the black Mercedes-Benz actually fled the scene by jumping their fence. The witness reported that the man was screaming, “Hide me! Hide me!” and that there were people who were after him. The distraught driver went on to ask if the witness he could go into his house and pretend to be a resident there. At the time the witness believed the driver to be “very out of it.” The man was eventually taken into custody after neighbors made sure he couldn’t flee the scene. An investigation is underway to determine if the driver was under the influence at the time of the crash.

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