Staying Safe on the Road During the Holidays

As we approach the holidays, many of us are excited about getting together with friends and family, relaxing, and enjoying life. One thing we don’t plan for is getting injured. So from us at Kahn Roven to you, we want to share with you a few tips that we have collected so that you stay safe during the holiday season.

1. Try to Avoid Driving During Heavy Traffic

With the roads being packed, this is a time when many accidents occur. With the increased number of travelers on the road during the holidays, this increases the likelihood of traffic accidents. If you plan ahead and check the weather, then you can predict the best times to travel. Give yourself more time than you need, so that you do not feel rushed.

If you happen to be driving during these times, drive defensively. You should stay aware of your surroundings and eliminate all distractions while watching your speed.

2. Do Not Drive While Intoxicated

Although this is an obvious tip, the temptation is there. You are surrounded by friends and family who may be drinking alcohol, and you may be tempted to drink as well. However, this may severely impact your ability to drive and may slow down your reaction time.

In 2012, there were 172,893 DUI arrests in the State of California alone. That same year, there were 1169 alcohol/drug-involved crash fatalities in California. If possible, avoid drinking altogether.

Also, during this time of year, schools are out on vacation. Therefore you should pay extra attention to make sure that there are no children on the road.

3. Avoid Driving During Late Hours

If you’re out for the holidays, you might be tempted to drive during late night hours (1am – 4am). This can be incredibly unsafe as there are other drivers out that may be intoxicated and not as alert as you.

You also may be very tired from not sleeping, and this may also cause you to not be as alert as well. If you need to, take frequent breaks during those long trips. Also, make sure all of the passengers are wearing seat belts.

If possible, it would be best to avoid driving during these hours. Spending a night at a hotel nearby is usually far less expensive than medical bills and missing work due to a car accident.

4. If You’re In An Accident, Follow These Rules:

  • Seek medical help
  • Take pictures
  • Get contact information of everyone involved (including witnesses)
  • Call Kahn Roven – 844-9-INJURED

If you or a loved one is injured, call the Los Angeles personal injury attorneys of Kahn Roven, LLP at 818-888-9171 or call toll-free 844-9-INJURED. We have extensive experience in personal injury matters and can competently and effectively handle your case.

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