Slippery When Wet – Watching Your Step This Rainy Season

Los Angeles RainWhenever the threat of rain darkens our Southern California skies, you’ll probably hear someone – either on the news, on the street or even at home – talk about a menacing and nearly invisible “oil slick” on the roads. While it sounds like an urban myth, an oil slick is actually a very dangerous condition. Because Southern California sees very little rain, oil from cars, trucks and motorcycles is able to build up on roadways. When it eventually does rain, the oily deposits seep out of the ground and onto the roads, creating a slippery, almost ice rink-like situation for drivers.

This leads to a spike in dangerous accidents and the ridiculous idea that L.A. motorists are actually unable to drive in the rain. If you have any questions about automobile accidents, don’t hesitate to call Kahn Roven, LLP at (888) 366-5854.

But, car owners and truck drivers aren’t the only ones who need to be careful with the oily roadways when it rains. Pedestrians can quickly find themselves on the way to the hospital if they don’t take the proper care while walking along wet asphalt. So this winter, keep these tips in mind when heading out in treacherous weather:

  • Take Your Time Because sidewalks and crosswalks are prone to the same kinds of buildup as regular streets, it is important to be careful. If you can avoid running or rushing through an intersection you may avoid an unnecessary slip and fall.
  • Be Mindful Certain areas like parking lots and garages are especially prone to being slippery when it rains. Watch your step after you’ve parked your car at the grocery store or mall.
  • Know Your Rights If you have slipped or fallen on someone else’s property, before blaming your own clumsiness, consider the situation. Was it really your fault? Or could have the owner of the property taken better care of the area? You may have legal options depending on the circumstances surrounding your fall.

To discover more or to schedule an appointment to discuss your case, contact the personal injury team at Kahn Roven, LLP today. We can be reached at (888) 366-5854 to discuss your options in a free consultation.

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