Santa Ana Hit and Run Collision Leaves One Dead

Hit and Run AccidentVehicular accidents are stressful and frightening situations. Anyone who has been in a serious crash knows the kind of shock that follows. Time seems to slow down. You go numb. A variety of different emotions and physical sensations surge as the adrenaline starts flowing. The bottom line: it is scary. But, despite the overwhelming urge to run from the situation, most people stay put and assess the damage. Most do not flee the scene, leaving whoever else may be there to suffer. Most individuals will help their fellow man in an accident.

Most people. But not all.

Hit and run drivers are a major problem here in Southern California. Recently, another life was lost to a hit and run driver. 

As reported by NBC LA, a 35-year old construction worker was struck and killed in Santa Ana. The man was crossing the street, outside the crosswalk, when he was hit. The accident was so violent that it threw the man’s body 100 feet and left vehicle parts strewn around the road. Santa Ana police are now hunting for a 2013 to 2015 blue Honda Accord with serious front-end damage.

Even if the person who caused this accident is not found, survivors of a hit and run collision may have legal options with their own insurance company. For more information, schedule a free consultation with Kahn Roven, LLP today. Let us help your family during this difficult situation. 

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