Los Angeles Ride Sharing Accident Attorneys

Have you recently used a ride sharing service like Uber or Lyft? During your trip, were you or a loved one involved in an accident? Were you hurt, or did your loved one suffer serious injuries? If so, you may be entitled to considerable compensation. In fact, you may have grounds to take legal action against the driver and potentially the company they drive for.

For more information about ride sharing and the legal implications of getting into an accident with one of these vehicles, call the personal injury team at Kahn Roven, LLP. For years, the attorneys at Kahn Roven, LLP have helped families get back on their feet after a serious automobile accident.

No matter how it may have happened, someone is at fault. We will make sure they’re held accountable. With services such as Uber and Lyft, it’s particularly important to get strong representation, because these companies are known for their strong stances against accident victims. Depending on the severity of your injuries you could be entitled to damages, such as:

  • Emergency medical costs
  • Therapeutic expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Hospital bills
  • Doctor’s fees

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Are Ridesharing Companies Required to Have Insurance?


Like all drivers on the road, ridesharing cars are required to have insurance. Most insurers require additional coverage for people rideshare drivers may be picking up. Beyond that, companies like Lyft and Uber provide some sort of liability should the driver get involved in an accident. What kind of coverage may be available to you could vary depending on the circumstances. Was there a passenger? Was the driver on the clock? These facts will come into play in your case. This is why it’s critical to get legal representation following a ridesharing car accident or collision.

How Long Do I Have to File My Claim?

The state of California maintains a strict statute of limitations on all personal injury claims involving auto accidents. Should you fail to meet this deadline, you could lose the right to compensation. It’s important to contact a Los Angeles car accident attorney who concentrates in personal injury before your time runs out. The legal aspects of ridesharing are always changing. You’ll need an attorney that not only keeps up with developments surrounding rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft, but also understands how current laws could impact your claim.

When you interact with a driver’s insurance company – especially one connected to either Uber or Lyft – you can expect tough legal resistance. These companies are out to save as much money as possible, and avoid setting a legal precedent.

Before speaking with any representative, give the office of Kahn Roven, LLP a call. Dial (844) 9-INJURED to speak with a member of our personal injury team.