Pedestrian Killed in Deadly Hit and Run

LA Pedestrian CrashAn unidentified man was struck and killed on Rt. 134 just off the Figueroa Street exit early Thursday morning; the California Highway Patrol discovered the man just after midnight.

As reported by NBC4, responding officers attempted to resuscitate the man but were unsuccessful. Before he died, the victim reported that he had been walking on the right shoulder of the road when he was struck. California Highway Patrol Officer Ryan Bejar stated, “Most people involved in hit-and-run collisions are trying to get away, especially if they have hit a pedestrian.”

Unfortunately, hit-and-run pedestrian accidents have become almost as common as regular car accidents throughout Southern California. You can turn on the news almost every night and find yet another story about someone struck down and left for dead by a negligent motorist. What we don’t hear about is the incredible damage that the victim and their family must endure following such a collision. In most instances, the victim succumbs to their injuries.

However, in many cases they survive and are left with horrific and life-altering disabilities. The costs – emotional, mental, and financial – are more often than not, too much for any one family to bear.

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