Mother of Former Cashier Sues Target

Virginia Gentles, the mother of a prior cashier from a Target store located in Pasadena, Los Angeles County, has filed suit against the company for wrongful death, stating that her son chose to commit suicide after being subjected to humiliation by the managers. He had allegedly been handcuffed and forced to participate in a “walk of shame” while in front of colleagues and visitors to the store.

The mother filed suit in Los Angeles Superior Court for false imprisonment, as well as intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The lawsuit states that: “The walk of shame is a Target policy to purposely cause shame, embarrassment and emotional distress to any Target employee who is suspected of stealing from Target.” It further states, “The policy consists of employees being arrested and paraded in handcuffs through the Target store in full view of co-workers and customers.”

The allegations are that Graham Gentles showed up to work in mid-July and was greeted by the police and security of the store. Some of the managers of the store directed that he be handcuffed and shown before the employees of the store.

Following this, the lawsuit states: “Mr. Gentles was shocked, confused and mortified at being handcuffed and walked through the Target store in front of co-workers and customers…Mr. Gentles had no idea why he was being arrested.”

The suit states that Graham had Asperger’s syndrome and was a loyal employee who always showed up early for work. Three days after the incident at the store, the suit states that Graham Gentles took his own life because of the humiliation he was subjected to at the Target store.

It is a serious transgression when someone is killed by the wrongful acts of another person. The person who negligently or intentionally caused the wrongful death could be held legally accountable. If you know of someone or a loved one who died due to the wrongful acts of another, then please call the Los Angeles Wrongful Death Attorneys at Kahn Roven at (213) 738-0708.

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