Mobility Plan 2035 is Coming to Los Angeles

Los Angeles Of all the cities in America, Los Angeles is probably the one most associated with cars. Even though Detroit builds them, people here in L.A. are famous for clogging up the streets and freeways with automobiles. Just say the words “traffic jam” and people nationwide think of Los Angeles, even those who’ve never been here.

But, the City of Angels has made an amazing announcement: it is taking out car lanes all over town to make way for more bikes and buses.

This past September, the City Council approved Mobility Plan 2035, a wide-reaching transportation plan that’ll reshape the streets of Los Angeles over the next 20 years. Mobility Plan 2035’s main goal is to make walking and biking easier and safer, encouraging more Angelenos not to drive everywhere they go. By adding three hundred miles of protected bike lanes, over 100 hundred miles of streets lanes being made bus-only, and an increase to pedestrian safety features, the city hopes to get more drivers off the streets.

Mayor Eric Garcetti said that Mobility Plan 2035 will improve traveling around Los Angeles by improving all ways of getting around: rail, bus, cars, bike, or on foot. According to the mayor’s office, almost half of all driving trips in the L.A. area are less than 3 miles and almost 90% of those trips are made in cars.

“The old model of a car-centric, different-neighborhood-for-every-task city is in many ways slipping through our fingers whether we like it or not,” Mayor Garcetti said. “We have to have neighborhoods that are more self-contained. People want to be able to walk or bike or take transit to a movie.”

Any change to how people travel around Los Angeles is a big deal. At Kahn Roven, LLP we understand you might be concerned about how Mobility Plan 2035 will affect your commute. Contact us if you have any questions. We can be reached at (888) 366-5854.

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