LA Has Gone to The Dogs – Again

LA Dog AttacksJust when mail carriers thought it was safe to step back on your lawn again, the U.S. Postal Service announced that Los Angeles is once again top dog when it comes to most bites in a given year.

As reported by the LA Times, since 2014, 74 postal workers have been attacked while delivering mail in LA County. This is a considerable jump from 61 attacks last year when the city was ranked number two behind Houston. While dogs chasing mailmen is a comedic staple on television and in movies, it is also a very real danger that many postal employees must face every day. This has prompted the federal agency to offer training in how to deal with aggressive canines.

Unfortunately, letter carriers are not the only ones living and working in LA County who have had to deal with vicious dog attacks. Each year hundreds of individuals are seriously hurt – or worse, killed – in dog bite attacks throughout the greater Los Angeles area. The damage from such attacks can range from minor abrasions and punctures to severe lacerations, nerve damage and amputation. This has led to LA being dubbed the “Dog Bite Capital of the Nation” and further indicates that more must be done to handle out of control animals and their owners.

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