Jennifer Lopez Sued Over Dog Bite

Jennifer Lopez’s neighbor is suing Lopez and her former boyfriend regarding a dog bite that took place in December 2014. Andrea Ashley has filed a lawsuit that described her injuries as “gruesome.”

Ashley describes that she was in the process of exiting her vehicle when the dog ran up to her and “mauled her left arm and hand” Ashley then goes on to state that she was only wearing pajamas at the time. She goes on further to state that she has broken bones and deep cuts from the attack.

However, Ashley states that this is not the first attack, as she claims that the dog, Bear, went through a hole in Lopez’s fence and tried to assault her in April 2014.

Casper Smart, the owner of the dog, has offered to pay for her medical bills.

The owner of a dog who has attacked another could be subject to civil liability, especially if the dog has a tendency or is known to commit this kind of attack. The victim of a dog bite could recover medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages from the dog’s owner if the owner is found liable.

These lawsuits don’t last forever, meaning that a person has only a certain time to file their suit. In the state of California, a person generally has two years from the date of the injury to file suit, subject to certain exceptions.

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