I’ve Witnessed a Los Angeles Hit and Run – What Should I do?

Los AngelesWitnessing an accident happens to a lot of people in Southern California. Car, truck and motorcycle collisions happen every day throughout the region. Naturally, they are jarring and sometimes horrific events that can send your adrenaline through the ceiling. This is especially true if you’ve experienced a collision yourself. But what happens when the accident you witness turns into a hit and run 

Before you pull out your Smartphone and step on the gas, consider some of the following tips to help you through the situation:

  1. Call the Police – While this may seem obvious, it is not always the first step that some individuals would choose. Some people may even opt to leave the scene and avoid the trouble altogether. A word of warning before you decide to leave: if you’re a primary witness to the crime and the police are aware of this, you may be served with a subpoena to get your testimony. Give them a call before they call you.
  2. Document the Scene – If you are able to, document as much about what you witnessed, and the scene itself. Information such as the type of vehicle responsible for the crash and what the at-fault person looked like may be invaluable later on.
  3. Not-So-Hot-Pursuit – While keeping an eye on the responsible car can help officers attempting to track down the at-fault party, risking life and limb may only end up causing more trouble. DO NOT engage the responsible driver in any

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