How to Avoid Causing a Pedestrian Accident

In California, drivers must take extra care to watch out for pedestrians crossing the road. Regardless of whether the individual is crossing at a marked crosswalk or a dangerous location, drivers must yield the right away to avoid causing a serious accident. If you hit someone while driving, you may face criminal charges in addition to financial liability for the pedestrian’s medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other related damages.

To help protect yourself and others while out on the road in Woodland Hills, remember the following tips:

Pay Attention. Distraction and driver error are the leading causes of traffic accidents in the country. It is crucial that you do not take your hands off the wheel or eyes off the road while driving. Most importantly, this means putting your phone away until you have reached your destination.

Make Eye Contact. You might think that a pedestrian will wait until you pass before crossing the street, unfortunately, you cannot make any assumptions about what s/he will do. Try to make eye contact with nearby pedestrians when turning at or crossing an intersection or pulling into a driveway.

Slow Down. When driving through an area with heavy pedestrian traffic, such as parking lots, intersections or outside popular locations, like a mall or a movie theatre, reduce your speed and use extra caution.

Follow the Law. As important as it is to watch out for anyone trying to cross the road, you must also obey traffic lights and stop signs. Racing through an intersection on a red light or other dangerous maneuvers can have devastating consequences for you and others around you.

If you or a family member has been injured or worse when crossing the street in Woodland Hills, seek prompt medical attention, file a police report, and reach out to the personal injury lawyers at Kahn Roven. We can help you get the significant compensation you need for your recovery.

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