Holidays See A Spike In Car Accidents

While most people think of the various holidays as time to celebrate with family and friends, it should also be noted that the holidays are often a time when many families and individuals suffer a great deal of pain and financial hardship due to the fact that there is a spike in car accidents during the holidays. Why do automobile accidents increase during the holidays? Here is a look at just some of the reasons.Happy New Year 2019 Celebration Text with Festive Gold Fireworks Collage in Night Sky

Drinking and Driving

Whether the holiday happens to be Memorial day, the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years many people celebrate the holiday by having a few or a few too many drinks. Getting behind the wheel of a car when your judgment is impaired by alcohol can have dangerous and often fatal results. With the increased number of people who are drinking and driving during any holiday there is bound to be an increase in automobile accidents.

Increased Traffic

Holidays also see increased traffic on the roads across America and more the traffic there is the more likelihood of accidents occurring. Not everyone follows the rules of the road all of the time, and with people rushing to reach their destination, traffic jams, and other distractions it is easy to see why car accidents increase during the holidays. To help you and your family arrive at your destination safely you should leave plenty of time for travel and make sure that you drive defensively.

Road Conditions

During the winter holidays, especially around Christmas and New Year many areas get a good deal of snow and ice that makes driving more hazardous. Trying to navigate poor road conditions when you are rushed, distracted or tired only increases your chances of being involved in an automobile accident. If you are traveling during the winter holidays, stay alert to road conditions and drive a safe speed to avoid accidents caused due to icy roads or heavy snowfall.

Your Mind is Elsewhere

While distractions while driving can happen anytime, the distractions increase during certain holiday seasons. Take Christmas for instance, Stores, parking lots and parking structures are extremely crowded, you are getting calls from well wishers, and you are trying to remember all the gifts you have yet to buy and which stores have the best sales. Too many times in the hustle and bustle to get everything done you simply aren’t paying attention to driving.

Not only do you need to be alert when you on the road, but you need to pay more attention when pulling into and out of parking spaces as many holiday accidents, around Christmas occur in parking lots and parking structures.

While it is impossible to completely avoid the dangers of being involved in a car accident during the holidays there are some things to reduce your risk of having accident including:

  • Avoid shopping during peak shopping hours when there is more traffic going in and out stores and out of parking lots. You can even do some of your shopping online to avoid traveling as much during the Christmas holiday season.
  • Leave yourself extra time if you traveling during any of the holidays, so that you won’t feel rushed should you find yourself in a high traffic situation.
  • If you plan on drinking during any holiday, make sure that you arrange for a designated driver a head of time, or to stay at with the friends you are spending the holiday with.
  • Before traveling have your car checked to make sure that your brakes and everything is in good working order.

Enjoying the holidays means staying safe and not adding to the spike in holiday automobile accidents.

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