Hit and Run Death in South Los Angeles

A mother of two is dead and a hit and run suspect remains on the loose following an early morning crash Sunday. The 39-year-old woman was crossing Slauson Avenue near Denker Avenue around 2:30am when she was struck down. She died at the scene.

Police suspect that whoever hit her is well aware that they did so; the vehicle, believed to be a tan or gray colored Volkswagen type car, will have sustained heavy front end damage. Investigators are also looking into the possibility that more than one car was involved in the fatal collision. Family members and police are urging whoever is responsible to come forward.

Hit and run accidents are a plague on the greater Los Angeles community. Since the early 2000s, these types of collisions have increased exponentially, with nearly 50 percent of all accidents in the city being a hit and run. Unfortunately, many of these cowardly drivers are never apprehended, leaving their victims broken and forced to pay extraordinary medical bills just to survive. Those that are caught often never see jail time. But with proper legal representation, victims may be able to receive considerable financial compensation for their injuries. And if the victim dies as a result of the crash, the surviving family members may bring a wrongful death suit against the perpetrator.

If you, or a family member, have experienced financial hardship, physical damages, and emotional trauma from a hit and run collision, it is important you speak with a dedicated personal injury attorney at Kahn Roven as soon as possible.

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