Hit and Run Suspect Wanted After Weekend Collision

Traffic accident

A woman is recovering from cuts and bruises to her body after being struck by a driver, Sunday night, in the Leimert Park area. Police were called to the corner of 48th Street and Crenshaw Boulevard around 1:45am after witnesses reported seeing a pedestrian struck by a vehicle. According to reports obtained by ABC 7, a car was heading east on 48th Street when it struck the woman, who was not using the crosswalk at the time. She suffered minor injuries and was listed as stable following the collision. While police suspect street racing may be involved, investigators do not have a description of either the car or the suspect involved.

Unfortunately, this kind of accident has become all too prevalent in our city – another innocent pedestrian run down by an out of control motorist. Despite the fact that a hit and run collision can cost an individual everything, many still choose to risk not getting caught, rather than to stop and help their fellow man. It is a tragic choice that can devastate both driver and victim. If you have recently been involved in a hit and run accident or lost a loved through another reckless individual’s actions, you have the right to hold them accountable in a court of law. If caught, they could face not only criminal charges, but also a civil suit from you, seeking compensation for the injuries and pain you have been made to endure.

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