Golden State Freeway Collision

A pre-dawn pile up on the Golden State Freeway this Sunday morning left one man dead another in the hospital and even more potentially injured. The trouble began around 1am near the Boyles Heights section of the freeway, just south of Mission Road.  A 22-year-old driver heading south, attempting to avoid a collision with another vehicle in the lane, spun her vehicle around and ended up facing north in the passing lane. A 57-year-old motorist behind her, driving a Mitsubishi SUV, could not avoid the now reversed woman and collided head-on.

The impact killed the SUV driver instantly and sent the other driver to the USC Medical Center with minor injuries. Directly following the initial wreck two additional accidents occurred as a result – a taxi collided with a jack-knifed tractor-trailer as they both attempted to avoid the scene. Both the initial accident and the jack-knifed truck clogged traffic for miles and closed off the San Bernardino exit to motorists.  Both lanes of the Golden State Freeway reopened by 5am.

Unfortunately, freeway accidents are now an almost everyday occurrence in Southern California. Hundreds of people lose their lives every year along the many stretches of state highway and many more are grievously injured as a result. In most cases, one small mistake or miscalculation leads to widespread destruction with multiple cars and drivers being put at risk.

Freeway collisions and pileups can affect many people at once. Depending on where you or a loved one fall in this situation, you may have legal options available.  Negligent driving comes in many forms and it will require the help of a dedicated personal injury lawyer to help you get to the bottom of the situation. You need not suffer in silence and compensation may be available to you and your family, but you’ll need to act quickly. California state law puts a limit on how long a person may file suit, so time is of the essence.

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