Giving a Statement to the Other Side’s Insurance Company

Giving a statement to the other side’s insurance company can result in lowering the value of your case. Usually what happens is the other side’s insurance company will call you very shortly after the accident and ask you about your injuries. If you are suffering soft tissue damage, you may not be feeling those injuries right after the accident. There are many situations where a person will feel whiplash several days after an accident. So if the other side’s insurance company calls you, and ask you how you’re feeling or if you’re feeling any pain, and you respond “no,” it may make proving your injuries more difficult. So when potential client hires us, we usually do not allow them to give a statement to the other side’s insurance company right away, and that the other side’s insurance should be communicating with us, not our client. That way, you can preserve your testimony. But unfortunately, many times the insurance companies reach out to these drivers before they have a chance to retain an attorney. And once those recorded statements are secured, the value of that drivers case is potentially damaged and would require much effort to undo damage they have caused. It also increases the risks of the case should is proceed to trial, because of that initial statement that they were not injured. If you have been in an accident, don’t take a call from the other side’s insurance company without seeking legal help.

If you happened to have give a recorded statement to the other side’s insurance company, it’s not necessarily the end of the world. With many clients we encounter in that situation, we are able to adequately resolve their claims, even if they gave very unfavorable statements to the other side’s insurance company. Depending on various factors (i.e., the seriousness of the injuries), we may permit our clients to give recorded statements to the other side, but the client should be advised as to how to proceed with a recorded statement before giving one.

Also what might happen is that the other side’s insurance company will try and resolve the claim right download (1)away for a very nominal value. Perhaps they are willing to offer a few hundred or a few thousand dollars to resolve a claim that may be worth much more. Do you know how much your case is worth? We have seen situations where offers were on the table and the clams resolve for many many times the amount of the initial offer down the line.

Another tactic the other side’s insurance for years is that they will hire agents to drive out and meet the driver somewhere at a coffee shop or the like, and pressure them to sign papers right then and there. I’ve heard stories as far as an agent being overly flirtatious with the injured to get them to commit to signing the release agreement. The other side’s insurance company has one goal in mind, to pay you as little as possible.

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