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Employment Law

When you encounter difficulties in the workplace, it can be hard to know in whom to turn. While you may wish to confide in your managers or your human resource department, what happens when they are the source of the antagonism? What happens when the issue goes beyond a minor intra-office dispute and becomes a genuine legal matter? If you are facing such a dilemma and believe your rights as an employee have been violated, it may be time to consider legal representation. The attorneys at Kahn Roven, LLP have been successfully representing employees throughout Los Angeles for the past three decades. We understand the difficulties you face and we are prepared to use every resource to help you remedy the situation. Call today and schedule a confidential case consultation evaluation at (888) 366-5854. You may have doubts about your claims. It is only natural to question your situation. After all, no one really wishes to take legal action against his or her employer unless it is absolutely necessary. You may even be thinking:
  • What if I lose my job?
  • How will I pay my bills?
  • Maybe this whole thing was my fault?
  • What legal options do I really have with my employer?
At Kahn Roven, LLP we have heard these concerns, and many more, from employees who were taken advantage of or wronged by their employer. Remember – you have the right to be treated fairly, to expect the utmost of respect from your boss and take appropriate legal action against them without fear of future retaliation. Don’t be held hostage by a toxic workplace or manager any longer. Call Kahn Roven, LLP today and discover what options you have in a free consultation.

What Types of Employment Law Do You Practice?

At Kahn Roven, LLP we have experience with many aspects of employment law, within a wide variety of industries. Whether you are working for a small locally owned business or a national chain outfitted with hundreds of franchises, we can provide the legal counsel you need for a favorable outcome. Some of the more common claims that we have encountered over the years, include:
  • Sexual and racial harassment
  • Racial, religious and ethnic discrimination
  • Age and disability discrimination
  • Gender discrimination
  • Whistleblower retaliation
  • Wrongful termination
  • Wage disputes

Understanding & Experience

Too often employees must stand up to aggressive and sometimes even embarrassing situations that their employer, either by action or inaction, put them in. At Kahn Roven, LLP, we believe it is our duty to help such employees get the justice and compensation they deserve for being placed it such circumstances. While most employers will wisely settle out of court, we are more than willing to litigate with those obstinate companies who fail to see reason. But don’t delay. The statute of limitations in California only allows you to file your claim within a small window of opportunity, so time is of the essence. Call Kahn Roven, LLP today and get the facts on your case, before it is too late – (888) 366-5854.