Electric Scooters And Safety

Electric scooters have become a form of transportation that reduces individual users carbon footprint, which is considered good for the environment. They are also a fun mode of transportation for many adults, especially young adults. Electric scooters are not designed for younger children since you do need to have a license to operate one of these Electric scooters. However, like other modes of transportation Electric scooters do present some safety problems. Here is a look at some of the safety risks of Electric scooters and the reason behind them.

Dockless Electric Scooters on the SidewalkAs electric scooters make their way into each new city, there allegedly have been accidents either to the scooter rider themselves or to others that the scooter rider has collide with. Many of these accidents result in serious injury and some have resulted in death.

The safety issues have so worried some college campus and other places that they have banned electric scooters on their property.

The Scooter Design Itself

Like bicycles electric scooters unlike automobiles have no “shell” to offer at least a little protection which makes it incredibly easy to be thrown from the scooter should you hit a pot hole, or a automobile hit you even if the collision is only a slight bump. Combine that with the fact that these scooter can reach speeds up to 15 or 20mph any time you are thrown from a scooter there is the potential for serious injury. While most places and even electric scooter manufacturers require or urge riders to wear helmets some people don’t. In addition the wearing of helmets won’t protect riders from broken arms, legs, cuts, sprains, or severe bruising should an accident occur.
Along with helmets riders should consider wearing such protective gear as both knee and elbow pads to help reduce some of these injuries.

Where to Ride

Electric scooters are required to be operated either on bike paths or on the road with other automobiles. However, many electric scooter users are nervous to ride their electric scooters on the streets where larger automobiles travel so they break the rules riding the scooters on sidewalks, which can result in riders hitting pedestrians. Striking a pedestrian when you are traveling at least 15 mph can prove to be deadly for the pedestrians who are hit. Like any other automated vehicle, electric scooters need to be ridden in accordance with the laws governing them.

Not a Toy

People need to keep in mind that electric scooters are not a toy and that when riding this mode of transportation you need to remain alert, obey all the rules of the road, and drive defensively.

Safety May Improve with Time

Electric scooters are a fairly new form of automated transportation and cities are rushing to try and make good laws that will make using this form transportation safer for everyone. As electric scooters become more commonplace users of this transportation will better understand the risks and the rules of using electric scooters which may improve the safe use of these scooters over time. In the meantime, perhaps a safety class should become a requirement for any one who want to own or rent an electric scooters to help riders better understand how to protect themselves and others from the dangers that are posed.

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