Elderly Woman Survives Hit and Run Accident

Pedestrian InjuryThe daughter of an 86-year-old woman who was hit by a driver in broad daylight had a few choice words for the alleged negligent driver: “No one will blame you for the mistake of hitting the person,” she stated, “But if you don’t accept accountability and the responsibility for the action we as a community have to do something.”

According to NBC 4, the accident occurred Monday at the corner of Figueroa Street and Adams Boulevard, near the USC campus. Traffic cameras caught the white SUV on film as it turned north onto Figueroa, striking the woman head-on. The suspect is then seen pulling a U-turn in the middle of the street, going past the scene of the crime, and then speeding onto the USC campus.

The victim, a former LAX drug officer trainer, suffered two broken legs, a quadruple pelvis fracture and cracked ribs. While she initially attempted to stand up following the accident, she was transported to the hospital shortly thereafter where she remains on a respirator.

“This woman took the hit full on in the front of her body and after she fell and the car hit her she tried to stand up. She wanted to go home,” the daughter said. If caught the driver of the car could face severe penalties and lengthy jail time.

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