Donut Shop Collision Leaves One Dead, Four Others Injured

Donut King II

Investigators are stilling trying to determine what caused two vehicles to collide with one another and end up lodged inside an iconic donut shop on Tuesday. As reported by CBS-LA the collision occurred around 7:20am at the corner of Western and Marine Avenues In Gardena. Police arriving on scene reported one car partially lodged in the Donut King II shop and a total of five individuals needing medical attention. One woman involved in the crash, a 30 year-old Huntington Park resident, was initially registered in critical conditional but would later succumb to her injuries. The other four individuals sustained minor injuries; no one inside the building at time of the collision reported injuries.

Sadly car accidents such as these are regular occurrence on LA’s busy streets. Every day people all across the Southland are hurt or possible even killed because of one person’s careless action behind the wheel. Depending on the situation and whoever is found negligent, the victims may be entitled to pursue legal action against the at-fault party. For more information on personal injury representation in regards to automobile accidents, contact Kahn Roven, LLP today.

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