Cyclist Dead Following Deliberate Hit and Run Collision

Hit and Run Hit and run accidents have unfortunately become the new normal for LA County. It has become common to turn on the nightly news or pick up your morning paper and read about another hit and run accident taking the life of an innocent person. To make matters worse, very few of the cowards who commit hit and runs are ever caught. In some instances – such as the one you are about to read – the at-fault driver deliberately and mercilessly hit the victim.

The attack happened early one recent morning in Exposition Park. A 35 year-old cyclist and a motorist driving in a light colored sports utility vehicle got into an argument while both were traveling north on Vermont St. The cyclist broke the mirror off of the vehicle, and the driver promised to run the bicyclist over. The entire incident finally came to a head when the driver of the SUV decided to make good on his word and ran the cyclist over around 39th St.

The assailant dragged the victim a number of feet, before speeding off with the bicycle still stuck in the wheels of the vehicle.

The cyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. Police are searching for the hit and run driver. If caught, the accused individual could face serious criminal charges, not to mention civil claims.

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