County Nursing Home Supervisors Secure Upgraded Contract

Upgraded Nursing Home ContractDespite opposition and heated criticism, the Los Angeles county supervisors approved a new contract that would radically alter how local authorities and state agencies monitor nursing homes in the region. As the only county in California that supervises its own care facilities, the new contract will essentially provide more funding for much needed programs while dialing back its overall responsibility. Complaints involving nursing home abuse as well as certifications will now be handled by the state.

The LA Times reports that the county’s budget has been upped from $26.9 million to $41.8 million and allows for the hiring of at least 70 new nursing home supervisors and inspectors. Many working in elder care and the local health care system see this as a positive step forward. “It’s a first step toward getting us to where we need to be,” stated Cynthia Harding, LA County’s interim public health director,

However, critics of the new deal see it as throwing money and resources at a problem that requires regulation and oversight. Michael Connors, a spokesperson for the California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform, is wary of the changes. Believing the county is being rewarded for past misdeeds and failures, he stated that there’s been “no sign that county managers have any concern about the fate of the residents of the many substandard nursing homes in L.A. County.” Despite the questions, county officials believe with more money and personnel they will be able to make a difference.

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