Car Collides With Bus in Van Nuys

An early morning accident on Tuesday left two people with injuries. At approximately 8pm, a westbound Metro Orange Line articulated bus was broadsided by a car traveling along Van Nuys Blvd.  Investigators on the scene believe the car potentially ran a red light and in turn collided with the bus.

Following the wreck, two people on board the bus complained of injuries and were transported to the hospital. There was no word whether anyone in the car was injured.  An almost identical accident occurred less than a mile away one year ago, when a moving car struck a Metro Orange Line bus resulting in 6 injuries, including one dog.

Car accidents in Los Angeles can be quite severe, especially when public transportation is involved. Whether on the highway or a local avenue, the sheer size and weight of a bus puts any other vehicle at a distinct disadvantage should there be an accident. On the other hand, reckless drivers and speeding motorists can pose a serious threat to buses moving at half the speed. If a distracted or intoxicated driver blows a light, turns at the wrong time or is over-aggressive in their determination to get around a bus, the results can be devastating.

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