California Chase Ends In Fatality

On February 11, 2015, a white Chevrolet pickup was on a pursuit through San Fernando Valley, the driver of which was in standoff that lasted for about an hour in Arleta. According the Los Angeles Police Department Officer Drake Madison, the driver was suspected of assault with a deadly weapon.

Authorities state that the man died due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The chase began approximately 11:30 a.m., according to LAPD Officer Madison. The truck the drove to Arleta Avenue with 11 police vehicles behind him. The driver didn’t exit the vehicle for an hour. He appeared nonresponsive. Police then saw that the driver was dead, and called the coroners office.

According to Los Angeles School Police Department, in the meantime, three schools nearby were on lockdown: Arleta High School, Beachy Avenue Elementary, and Pacoima Middle Schools.

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