California Bicycle Deaths Keep Increasing

Los Angeles Bike AccidentsA new study conducted by the Governors Highway Safety Association about bicycle accident deaths nationwide show numbers are way up. Cyclists involved in fatal motor vehicle crashes have increased 16% from 2010 to 2012. This is a considerable number when compared to the total number of motor vehicle accidents, which only increased by 1%. California leads all states, with a total of 338 bicycle riders killed by automobiles during that time. In total, that accounts for almost 4% of the auto accident deaths in the state. The study also found that only Florida and New York ranked anywhere as high as California. 

With all the data examined, researchers are still unable to pinpoint an exact cause for the recent spike in bike accident deaths. Some suggest that recent upgrades to city streets and trails – making many towns more “bike friendly” – have contributed to the problem. Simply put – more people on the road, means more potential for deadly encounters.

But, the study makes a point of stating that most roads in the survey “were built to accommodate motor vehicles with little concern for pedestrians and bicyclists.” Research suggests that may riders – especially those older than 20 – still ride without a helmet, which is a significant factor in increasing deaths. 

Whatever the cause may be, riding a bike in Los Angeles – or anywhere in California – can be dangerous. Bike riders have to always be on the lookout for unsafe drivers. 

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