Buying Safe Toys for the Holidays

You want to make sure that your kids have toys that they are going to love this holiday season. You want toys that inspire creativity and imagination. It’s important to purchase toys that they will have a lot of fun playing with throughout the year. However, the problem is that sometimes these toys may not be the safest option for your children.


Every year, tens of thousands of children land in the emergency room due to unsafe toys. A lot of these injuries occur because parents purchase toys for their children that were really meant for much older kids. There are even some toys that may not be as safe in general. Toy related injuries can be completely preventable Here are some tips:

Buy Age Appropriate Toys

The age guidelines on toys are there for a reason. Toys that are made for children older than yours pose a variety of different threats. They may have small parts that can come off, posing choking hazards for your children. The toys may be sharp or have moving parts that may pinch. Pick toys that are made for kids your child’s age. This will make them safer and more enjoyable for your children, since toys that are too advanced may bore them.

Avoid Small Parts

Toys with small parts pose a serious threat to the safety of a child. Young children have a tendency of putting things in their mouth, meaning that small parts can be a choking hazard for them. A trick is to test the toy and its parts with a toilet paper roll. If the toy can go down the roll easily, then this could be a choking hazard.

Check for Standards

You check for standards on food items, so why wouldn’t you check for them on anything else for your family? You may want to be sure that you specifically look for items that have the letters “ASTM” on them. This means that the toy may have met safety standards as set by the American Society for Testing and Materials. It is also an excellent idea to check out the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website. On this site, you can see some of the recalled toys and any relevant recall alerts to ensure that the toys you purchase are safe.


It is not only important to invest in quality toys so that they last longer but also for the safety of your children. For instance, if you buy a stuffed animal that may not be as well put together, the eyes and other facial features can fall off easily, posing choking hazards for your children. Inspect the toys to make sure that they have a solid construction to them for extra safety precautions.


Toys can bring great joy to your children, but you want to be sure that you are choosing something that is safe for your children. Following these guidelines can be great for keeping children safe, but it is also important to throw out any damaged toys as well.

If you or a loved one, or their child, was injured by a toy, please call our law office at 818-888-9171. Child injuries may have a different and complex procedure through the courts, in California known as minor’s compromise, and you may want to have the case review by our experienced minor’s compromise law firm.

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