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KahnRoven for All Kinds of Personal Injury Cases

By Jonathan Roven on February 14, 2018 - Comments off

Kahn Roven is a reliable and trusted name when it comes to matters pertaining to accidents or personal injuries. The law firm is well-equipped to deal with a complete range of personal injury cases. When you have been involved in accident or suffer an injury due to someone else’s fault, you are entitled to claim […]


Chrysler Recalls Millions of Vehicles Over Hacking Fears

By Robert Kahn on July 16, 2015 - Comments off

In a terrifying new spin on a relatively old problem, Chrysler has been forced to recall 1.5 million of its vehicles after it was discovered they could actually be “hacked.” You heard that correctly. Under the right circumstances a computer hacker could tap into a car’s electronics systems and potentially cause untold amounts of damage […]

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