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It’s one of the most terrifying experiences one can endure: you’re driving down the street or freeway when a vehicle part stops functioning the way it should. It happens so unexpectedly – you hardly have the time to react. You’re suddenly at great risk of injury or death, and what makes it even worse is that there was no reasonable way you could’ve prevented this. If the above situation sounds all too familiar to you, then you probably have suffered considerable losses due to a defective car part. Now you’re dealing with the exorbitant costs of medical treatment, car repairs, and other damages. Why should you have to pay for the consequences? Shouldn’t the manufacturer responsible for the accident cover your losses? It is likely in your best interest to take legal action, but you shouldn’t do it alone. Auto product liability cases are generally complex affairs that may require experience to handle with success. The dedicated Los Angeles product liability lawyers at Kahn Roven, LLP can help you bring a successful claim or lawsuit against the auto manufacturer that has wronged you. For over 30 years, we have developed the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to win injury and accident cases. Please let us put them to work for you. For a free consultation, call (844) 9-INJURED now.

What Are Common Examples of Defective Auto Parts?

Auto product manufacturers have a duty to their consumers. They should sell products that are not only functional but also safe and durable. Before an item goes on the market, it should be put through rigorous testing to ensure that it meets performance and safety standards. But, often, manufacturers choose to install substandard parts in their vehicles, sacrificing consumer safety for larger profits. Some of the most common types of defective auto parts that cause crashes and spur recalls include:
  • Tires – Tire blowout and tread separation can lead to devastating accidents.
  • Seatbelts – Defective seatbelts may fail to protect occupants in the event of a collision.
  • Seatbacks – Flimsy seatbacks may collapse and cause occupants to get thrown around.
  • Brakes – Improperly working brakes can cause completely preventable accidents.
  • Accelerator pedals – Pedals that stick unexpectedly can cause sudden or unintended acceleration.
  • Airbags – Airbags that fail to inflate in crashes, overinflate, or inadvertently inflate can contribute to serious injuries to occupants.
  • Roofs – Inadequate roofs may collapse in the event of a rollover, causing serious traumatic head injuries to occupants.

How Can I Prove that a Defective Car Part Caused the Accident?

Whatever you do, DO NOT repair your vehicle or scrap it at the junkyard. Your vehicle is the most important piece of evidence in your auto product liability case. Preserve it in its post-crash state and an expert can analyze it for defects and malfunctions. His or her evaluation can be used to support your claim down the line. Consult with an attorney to find out more about how you can strengthen your case.

Why Kahn Roven, LLP?

If you want to win your auto product liability claim, you should use assistance from a law firm that has not only the motivation to fight hard in and out of court but also the resources to conduct independent investigations and testing. Contact us today for more information on what our firm can do for you.

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