Asking The Right Questions Matters

A personal injury claim calls for an injury lawyer to represent your interests and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. Vetting them out with the right questions will help in making the right choice.

An accident due to someone else’s fault involves a personal injury claim which in turn involves engaging a specialized lawyer, like a truck accident attorney in Los Angeles, California.

truck accident attorney in Los AngelesThe experience and skills of the attorney will play a pivotal role in the final outcome of the case. In fact, it can mean the difference between a fair compensation, a paltry payout or no payment at all!

Therefore, the accident victims should do their homework – scour out reputed and reliable lawyers in the vicinity, verify their background and credentials, check references and so on.

Once the list is narrowed down to a couple of good attorneys, it is time to call them up or make the rounds of their offices to discuss the accident case. This should not be a problem as most of the established ones offer a free initial consultation. While discussing the merits of the case, asking some pertinent questions will provide quality insights that will be helpful in making the right decision.

The questions can be to the tune of:

  • Does the lawyer specialize in personal injury law?
  • Which types of personal injury claims does the lawyer handle on a regular basis?
  • Has the attorney handled a similar case in the past?
  • What is the attorney’s track record of settlements and verdicts?
  • How many cases have had a successful settlement and how many have gone to trial?
  • What is the probable outcome of the case and how long is it expected to take?
  • Who will actually handle the case?
  • What form and level of communication will the attorney maintain?
  • Does the lawyer work on a contingency basis?

Evaluating the answers and responses will enable the victims to make an informed decision and hire the right truck accident attorney in Los Angeles, California who can best serve their needs.

What to Do When Involved in An Accident?

A road accident can damage the vehicles and also injure the occupants. There are certain steps you should follow immediately after the accident to protect your rights and get the best outcome.

What is the first instinct when a person is involved in a fender bender? Some may confront the other driver, some call 911, some go to a doctor and some smart ones consider filing a personal injury claim.

Come to think of it, everything is essential and that too in the right order!

In fact, auto accidents attorney in Los Angeles, California always recommend that everyone should make it a point to record some essential information following an accident.

  • The most important thing to do following an accident is to note down the name, address, contact information, driver’s license number and insurance company details of the person at fault. Nothing much can be done without this information.
  • Don’t forget to call the police. This is imperative even if nobody seems to be injured initially. The police will record details such as date, time and location of the accident, damage to the vehicles, eyewitness statements, etc. The police report comes in handy in case the claim is disputed later on.
  • Before the police arrive on the scene, start taking pictures of the scene of the accident, including both the vehicles, and also jot down the contact details of eyewitnesses, if any.
  • It is equally important to get a medical examination by the emergency services on the scene or visit a healthcare professional immediately after the accident. This will serve as a record should any serious or permanent injuries manifest later and lead to expensive medical treatment.
  • Last but not the least; it is essential to notify the insurance provider and consider the extent of medical coverage available.
  • Consulting an auto accidents attorney in Los Angeles, California is considered vital as a professional can evaluate the circumstances of the case and advise whether it is feasible to pursue the matter and file a personal injury claim or not.

Job Roles of a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

A medical lawyer handles various medical lawsuits and other medical practice claims. A medical malpractice case arises from surgical errors, birth traumas, medical misdiagnoses, anesthesia errors, unreasonable delay in treating or consent failure. Any of these cases need legal assistance.

If you have landed here on this page, chances are high that you are looking for medical malpractice lawyers in Los Angeles. And before you continue your hunt, it is suggested to learn in details about medical malpractice and the job roles of the legal practitioner under such circumstances.

Who are medical malpractice lawyers?

medical malpractice lawyers in Los AngelesMedical malpractice lawyers are the legal bodies that litigate lawsuits based on the negligent conduct of doctors, therapists, technicians, and other medical professionals and healthcare providers. In any of these cases, a medical malpractice lawyer is entitled to bring a lawsuit against the negligent parties, including physicians, doctor’s groups, insurance companies, managed care organizations, hospitals, medical corporations, and clinics

Job roles of medical lawyers

Medical lawyers are usually focused on the task of representing plaintiffs who have been injured due to medical negligence or malpractice or due to a hospital error. Some of the tasks performed by medical lawyers are:

  • Reviewing medical documents, files, and receipts in connection with a medical lawsuit
  • Advising legal clients on their rights during trial
  • Keeping evidences like defective medicines or medical equipment intact and preserved for trial
  • Working with medical experts to develop case theories, expert reports, and testimony to support the plaintiff’s case
  • Setting up independent medical examinations (IMEs) to obtain an objective evaluation of the condition of the injured plaintiff.
  • Working with legal nurse consultants to analyze case merits, review medical records, decipher doctor’s notes and accompany the plaintiff to IMEs.
  • Performing medical research relating to the plaintiff’s condition.

Other fields to focus on by the medical lawyers, if malpractice doesn’t appeal:

  • Showing doctors how to comply with healthcare regulations
  • Checking credentials on job applicants for hospitals
  • Telling businesses how to comply with health privacy laws
  • Legal details of setting up a practice or a partnership
  • Health insurance issues
  • Patent and intellectual property issues related to new inventions or research
  • Patients’ rights vs. the rights of medical professionals
  • Public-health issues such as the regulation of drugs, providing sanitary water and fighting infectious diseases
  • General legal advice for medical businesses, such as real-estate or advertising law

If you want to learn more about medical malpractice and the legal help, type “medical malpractice lawyers in Los Angeles” to land up to a number of results including Kahn Roven. Get in touch with Kahn Roven attorneys to discuss about the features of the medical malpractice and to proceed further accordingly. They are available on or at (818) 888-9171 for consultation.

Statute of Limitations in Legal Malpractice

There is a specific time period within which a plaintiff can file a lawsuit against a defendant for a claim. This deadline can vary a lot and requires timely assistance from a specialized attorney.

legal malpractice attorneyWhen a person has been wronged, injured or suffered damages by someone, that person has a legal right to sue them for compensation. The improper conduct, maltreatment or harm can extend to lawyers and attorneys as well.

Indeed, any malpractice by a legal representative that results in a financial loss is covered by the legal gambit. This includes negligence, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, etc. and requires a legal malpractice attorney in Los Angeles, California.

The suffering party is required to file a lawsuit within a specific time period itself. After the deadline expires, they will relinquish all legal rights immediately.

This is known as the Statute of Limitations and is applicable to all personal injury claims including legal and medical malpractice as well. However, the actual period after which the deadline kicks in varies a lot – based on the area of jurisdiction, the type of claim and many other factors too.

For instance, in case of legal malpractice, the statute of limitations can fluctuate between 2 to 4 years from the date of the attorney’s wrongdoing. However, there will be exceptions in case the attorney willfully conceals the facts of the wrongdoing, continues to represent the client in the same matter and so on. This will extend the deadline, but to a limited extent only. Any lawsuit filed later will be dismissed as time-barred, no matter how legitimate the circumstances. There is no recourse left afterwards.

Alas, many people do not realize that the clock has started ticking for filing a lawsuit. To avoid such a letdown, it is advisable to consult an expert legal malpractice attorney in Los Angeles, California whenever one feels that something may be going wrong. The lawyer will study the facts of the case and advice on how to proceed including the applicable deadline. On the other hand, hesitating can come at the cost of losing the right to a well-deserved compensation!

Accepting An Initial Offer Can Go Wrong

Do not thank your luck when you get a ‘good’ offer from the defendant or their insurance company. It could be an underhand ploy to get away with paying a low compensation and you have no way out later on.

An accident or injury entitles you to claim financial compensation from the person at fault. This is called a personal injury claim. You will file a case and negotiate the damages with the other party or their insurance company.

Beware if the defendant’s attorney claims to name a ‘reasonable’ amount or the insurance company offers an ‘enticing’ sum upfront. In fact, you may even be coerced to accept the compensation or warned that there will be no further negotiations if you decline the payment. This may take place while you are wounded or still in hospital.

Personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles, California are well-versed with these tactics and always advice their clients never to settle right away!

The attorney is right!

personal injury lawyers in Los AngelesAre you sure you are aware of the full extent of the injuries? What if other effects of the accident or injury come to light later? What if the recovery takes longer than expected and you are incapacitated for an extended period of time? Do you think the initial settlement offer will be enough to cover your medical treatment, hospital bills and other costs, let alone the lost income and emotional suffering due to the injuries? Are you aware that you will not have any further recourse once you accept the settlement?

You need to allow yourself sufficient time to take full stock of the situation before taking any decision about accepting the settlement. The opposing attorney or insurance company will obviously require you to sign a release in exchange for the settlement. This waives your legal right for further compensation even if your condition worsens or further injuries surface later. You are left ruing the fact that you were misled by the insurance company or that you accepted the initial offer in a hurry.

This is why you should consult expert personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles, California at the outset itself and never accept any offer without running it by them.

General Principles of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice claims can get quite ambiguous. Your case will fall short unless you can prove a professional duty, breach of that duty, injury caused by the breach and resulting damages.

medical malpractice

It is the duty of hospitals, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to use their knowledge and skills to extend the best treatment to the patients. However, they may unwittingly commit or omit some actions that keep you from improving or even end up worsening your condition. This negligence could be in the diagnosis, medication, treatment or aftercare.

In such cases, you have the legal right to claim financial compensation. Unfortunately, medical malpractice law is very complicated and it is better to have medical malpractice lawyers in Los Angeles, California representing your interests.

For instance, it is not enough if you are harmed due to the carelessness of a doctor or hospital. Or if a wrong diagnosis by a physician causes a worsening in your health per se. There are certain basic requirements that dictate whether a case can qualify as a medical malpractice suit or not.

  • You should have a professional consultation with the doctor in question and they should be directly responsible for your treatment. An erroneous medical opinion given in a social setting does not amount to medical malpractice. Negligence by a consulting physician is also debatable.
  • There are certain medical standards that every healthcare professional should provide. Simply being dissatisfied with the treatment is not a valid claim. Establishing a clear violation of the standards of care is imperative.
  • Even a clear case of medical negligence is not considered valid until and unless it results in a direct harm or injury to your person. You have to prove a detrimental effect or complication resulting from the substandard care.
  • The subsequent damages are not limited to pain or disability alone. It can be ensuing hardships, suffering or loss of income too. However, they should be significant and quantifiable.

Therefore, skilled and experienced medical malpractice lawyers in Los Angeles, California can evaluate the credentials of your case and help you prove a legally valid claim.

Personal Injury Attorneys That Actually Listen!

Most personal injury attorneys are only concerned about settling cases or going to trial. How many take the time to really listen to what the client has to say or even bother about their needs?

What happens when you usually file a personal injury claim for a car accident, dog bite, nursing home neglect, police brutality, employer harassment or other malpractice? The personal injury law firm in Los Angeles, California will file your claim and try to get the maximum settlement or even go to trial.

While the attorneys work diligently to get you the best outcome, it becomes just one case out of many others on their roster! You don’t feel a personal connect or understanding at all.

Hit and Run Accident

However, this is not the case when you come to Kahn Roven, LLP. Our attorneys make it a point to actually listen to the client! The first priority is to understand where you are coming from…..what you feel and what you need! They will ask detailed questions to understand your unique predicament and how you have been injured, wronged, betrayed, taken advantage of, etc. They can, therefore, empathize with your pain, suffering, distress, grief or other loss. Your problem becomes their problem and yet, they pay careful attention to your opinion and stance so that they can handle the proceedings accordingly.

You will soon realize that your attorney really cares about what you are going through and how it is affecting your daily life. They are truly vested in your well-being and will work passionately to get you the most favorable outcome. You will automatically trust them to do the best by you and keep your needs in consideration while negotiating the case.

You can also be assured that the personal injury law firm in Los Angeles, California is well-versed with all facets of personal injury and malpractice laws. The team has handled numerous cases involving auto accidents, slip and fall, wrongful death, legal malpractice, medical malpractice, etc.

The skills, experience and dedication will all be geared towards garnering a quick and successful resolution.

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Three Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer

Ever wondered some questions that you should ask a personal injury attorney prior to hiring them? Check this video out for some suggestions.

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