wage and Hour – Restaurant Case


Clients came by my office today on a wage and hour case from one of the first trials I won. Glad to see smiles on their faces.

My clients were working at a Chinese restaurant out in North Hollywood, being paid below minimum wage and working several hours of overtime for years. The defendants were being egregiously evasive, and we took this case to a 3 1/2 day bench trial, where we prevailed.   Their defense was that my clients had never worked for them, and that these “transients” were making the entire story up.  We had obtained a judgment  and won on a motion for attorneys fees, but the defendants did not want to pay. So we had sheriffs go into the restaurant and take money out of the cash register, but they still didn’t want to pay and instead just closed down the restaurant for the day. We then sent in a moving crew to empty out the restaurant of all of its possessions, and they still refused to pay.  Finally, we had started the proceedings to force a sale on the owners’ home, and they finally came to the table with a real offer. After much hard work, we’re happy to have obtain an excellent outcome for our clients.

Unlike other attorneys who drop out when the going gets tough, we can go all the way. Kahn Roven, Best Move You’ll Make.


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