Top Five Types of Legal Malpractice

While attorneys cannot guarantee success, they are at least expected to exhibit competency in their field and to put in the proper legal work to give their client the best chance at a positive outcome. Unfortunately, not all attorneys do the work they’re supposed to, and to devastating effect.

Say, when a waiter messes up your order, you’re set back by only the most minor of inconveniences. However, when an attorney bungles your case, the negative consequences can last for months, years, even a lifetime.

Whether you’re currently seeking an attorney, or are concerned about the one you have, it is vital to know what constitutes bad lawyering, which may constitute legal malpractice. Below are the top five types of legal malpractice that you should look out for:

  1. Missing Deadlines – This includes calendar errors, data entry errors, failure to file documents in time, failure to use file review dates and willful procrastination.
  2. Mismanagement of Workload – It’s always good to have an attorney who is a renowned hard worker. However, when an attorney takes on too much work, the quality of his/her representation goes down, and clients end up paying the price.
  3. Substance Abuse – This is an especially egregious form of malpractice in which an attorney mishandles a case because his/her mental faculties have been adversely affected by substance abuse.
  4. Improper Investigation and Research – An attorney should have a working knowledge, meaning they should know the legalities and proper investigation techniques involved in their clients’ cases.
  5. Poor Client Relations – This includes the failure to obtain client consent, failure to inform client of case status and failure to abide by the client’s demands.

At the Woodland Hills law firm of Kahn Roven, our passionate lawyers do not tolerate those in our profession who make us look bad. If you have a legal malpractice case, we will be glad to help you get justice from the attorney who has wronged you. Call us today at (818) 888-9171 for more information.

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