What To Do When Insurance Company Makes A Quick Offer

Insurance companies have many underhand tactics up their sleeve, one of which is making a low offer very soon after you file the claim. See why it’s prudent to reject this and hold out for more!

When you file a personal injury claim against the party-at-fault, things can go two ways. Most insurance companies try their level best to delay, devalue and avoid the claim. Or you may find yourself lucky and have the insurance adjuster accepting the claim and making a settlement offer immediately. What’s more, you may even find a check for the ‘agreed’ amount in your mail within a few days itself.

But, a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles, California would always suggest that you think twice before cashing in that check! And you would do better not to dismiss this sage advice as a means to gain business from you!

What is actually happening?

Before you count your blessings for the quick settlement, consider this – Doesn’t the insurance company want to save its money and get away with the lowest payout possible?

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Indeed, an insurance company will make a quick offer only when it is worried that the actual damages are likely to blow the roof. The insurance adjuster will try to take advantage of your vulnerability and settle the claim before you have time to evaluate the total damage to yourself or your vehicle. So, would you want to come up short when you realize that your lost wages, medical expenses and vehicle repairs pile up to much more than the numbers written on the check?

Even under normal circumstances, insurance adjusters always start off at the lowest point of their scale. They make an initial lowball offer which is not fair even by their own standards. They will be geared to negotiate hard with you or your attorney till the claim reaches a mutually acceptable settlement. You are playing into their hands by accepting the first offer as it closes the door to any claims later on.

A veteran car accident lawyer in Los Angeles, California like Kahn Roven, LLP (www.kahnroven.com) can guide you on how to tackle the offers and even negotiate the best deal for you!