A Surgery Cam for Your Next Operation?

Cameras in SurgeryWe live in an increasingly watched society. Almost all institutions and businesses use cameras for security. Anyone who owns a Smartphone walks around with a camera all day. Cameras are everywhere. President Obama recently called for all police officers to be equipped with body cameras (cams) to discourage wrongful police actions or clear officers justified in their actions.

Are surgery cameras the future?

Judging by laws being discussed in some states, videotaping surgeries could be in the near future of medical malpractice litigation. According to the National Law Revue, Wisconsin State Representative Christine Sinicki (D-Milwaukee) has introduced a law that would guarantee patients the option of having their surgeries audio-visually recorded. The bill would be named for Julie Ayer Ribenzer, a woman who died after receiving too much medication during a breast implant operation.  In New York, the proposed “Raina’s Law,” named for 19-year old Raina Ferraro who died from negligent anesthesia, requires cameras in all operating rooms. In addition, a so-called surgical “black box” has been developed at the University of Toronto that is designed to track a surgeon’s actions throughout an operation. The device would record any errors for review in the hope of preventing such mistakes in the future.

How do doctors feel about cameras in operating rooms?

While many doctors oppose having surgeries being recorded, many patients, insurers, and healthcare providers are in favor of it. When you or a loved one undergoes an operation, you put a great deal of faith in your physician, your healthcare facility, and its staff. If an injury, complication, or death is the result of a mistake made by a medical professional or hospital, the patient and their family deserve to know how it happened. Recording a medical procedure is a good way to make sure you get competent care and positive results.

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