Studio City Woman Charged for Vicious Dog’s Behavior

Dog Bite LawyerIn what many people are calling an unusual move by prosecutors, a local woman is being charged with three felony counts connected to her out-of-control dog, Brody. Over the past two years Brody, an Akita mix known for their volatility, has been involved in three separate attacks: severely biting a woman in April of 2013, mauling a 7-year-old the following year, and then finally causing irreparable damage to a man’s face in late 2014. The 56-year-old owner is being charged with three felony counts of “failure to control a mischievous animal.”

While pressing criminal charges for a dog attack is rare, Deputy District Attorney Ron Carey believes it to be justified, “Looking at the picture of one of the victims, it’s just pretty graphic. You just can’t let your dog do that.”

If convicted, the woman could face up to four years in prison. While the odds of prison time for the woman may be slim, it should serve as a warning to other irresponsible owners to keep their animals on a short leash.

Unfortunately, many pet owners – like Brody’s – are too blinded by their love of their animal to see what a menace it has become. The father of the boy who suffered grievous wounds commented, “We have three victims from the same dog, and unfortunately, the owner still feels that it’s a safe dog.” In such instances, it is up to law enforcement and concerned citizens to report the out-of-control dog and its owner.

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