Sports Anchor Kyle Kraska Shot Outside Home

Kyle Kraska was allegedly shot by Mike Montana on Tuesday afternoon. The shooting happened outside Kraska’s home, where witnesses stated that they had heard at least eight rounds fired.

Resident Bill Feather stated, “They were putting pressure on the wound. They were saying it was a shooting. People were saying, ‘He was shot, he was shot.’”

Kraska has suffered gunshots in the stomach and the leg. He went to the hospital and underwent surgery right away. He is still in the hospital, but CBS News 8 indicated that he is recovering.

SWAT had found Montana, where he finally surrendered after a standoff that lasted for hours. Montana is currently being held without bail. He is currently in jail on suspicion of attempted murder in the first degree.

A former neighbor of Montana stated that he believes that Montana could have been on medication that is psychotropic and was living in a storage unit illegally at one point in his life.

Kraska is known for his coverage of the San Diego Chargers, he is also known for his big personality.

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