South Hills High School Chokes Former Student, Suit States

Los Angeles South Hills High School student is now suing a teacher in ceramics after the teacher “berated” and “choked” him in the presence of his colleagues in the middle of an incident.

The complaint that was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court last week states that Scott Stragier put plaintiff Joseph Leyba Jr. in a chokehold in the middle of his ceramics class back in March “and started to choke [him] to the point that he almost lost consciousness.”

The lawsuit further states that the teacher pulled on the plaintiff’s earring and almost pulled it out of his ear in the presence of the other students in the classroom. The lawsuit then says that the teacher “berated” the student around the classroom screaming: “What did I tell you about **** around in my classroom, you haven’t done a **** thing.”

As a result of the incident, Plaintiff Leyba has suffered “physical injury and psychological injury,” according to his attorney. The lawsuit is currently demanding $5 million in damages.

The Covina Valley Unified School District spokesperson refused to comment regarding the suit.

There have been many claims that other employees of the school district had sexual relationships with its students. Two teachers who were working in the district office have been arrested because they were suspected in participating in sexual behavior with male students.

On another occasion, the wrestling coach in the same high school was arrested for having sex with a female student.

John Lee, attorney for the initial suit, states, “As you can see from recent events, this school seems to have a pattern of hiring and not training and retaining unfit teachers…”

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